Cashier’s Check (Must be an Account Holder) $2 per check
Check Printing Varies depending on style of check
Collection Fee $15
Coin Counting (Account Holder) Free
Coin Counting (Non Account Holder) 2% of total amount
Copy Machine Free for first 5 pages, then $0.10 per page
Custom Debit Card Image $7.50
Document Copies $0.25 per page
Dormant Account
(An account is dormant if there is no activity for 1 year)
$5.00 per month
Fax (Incoming or Outgoing) $1 per page
Foreign ATM Withdrawals $2.50 per transaction
Garnishment (Pertains to all forms of legal process) $75
Internet Banking External Transfers $2 per transfer
Internet Banking ACH Origination (Business) $0.10 per ACH
Money Order $1.50 per check (limit $1000)
Notary Service (Account Holder) Free
Notary Service (Non Account Holder) $5 per page
Overdraft Fee $26.25 per item
Overdraft Protection $2 per transfer from another account
Replacement Debit Card / PIN $5
Research $25 per hour
Return Item Fees $26.25
Safe Deposit Box Ranges from $15 - $80 depending on size
Stop Payment on a Check or ACH Item $26.25 per item
Wires - Incoming $15
Wires - Outgoing $25
Wires - International Incoming/Outgoing $50
Animations Start / Stop