Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Unlike regular savings, CDs pay a higher rate of interest. Just choose a term that best suits your needs.
Special Rates!

Now is a great time to open a CD. Flexible terms to fit your needs.

7 month - 1.21% APY*
14 month - 2.12% APY
26 month - 2.27% APY

*Annual Percentage Yield.  APY is accurate as of May 3, 2018.  $500 minimum deposit to open.  $500 minimum balance.  Early withdrawal penalties may apply.  Fees may reduce the earnings on the account.  You cannot make additional deposits to this account during a term (other than credited interest).  You cannot withdraw principal from this account without our consent, except on or after maturity.  CD specials renew at the closest lower standard term.  For example: a seven (7) month special will renew at a six (6) month term.   For accounts such as these that automatically renew, there is a ten (10) day grace period after each renewal date during which withdrawals are permitted without penalty.   Rates are subject to change without notice.  
Limited time offer.
Bump-It-Up CD
  • Don't settle for the same rate. When interest rates spike, bump up your  earnings with this unique product.
  • Bump up your rate to FSB's prevailing rate one time during the term of your CD.
  • See our Rates.

You may choose to update or “Bump” the Interest Rate and Annual Percentage Yield on a 24-month certificate to the prevailing Interest Rate of
the FSB 24-month certificate. The 36-month certificate can be updated to the prevailing Interest Rate of the FSB 36-month certificate. The
60-month certificate can be updated to the prevailing Interest Rate of the FSB 60-month certificate. The “Bump” option can only be exercised
once during the term of the CD. The updated “Bump” Interest Rate will take effect within three business days of receiving your notice. The new
Interest Rate will not be applied retroactively. $500 minimum deposit to open. $500 minimum balance. Early withdrawal penalties may apply.
Fees may reduce the earnings on the account.

Some features not available on all accounts.